150 years of experience in stone processing

About us

The story of Lavagnoli Marmi is deep rooted in the Verona Urbs Marmorea mountains, birthplace to our family of expert stonemasons. A historic name in the marble industry, today Lavagnoli Marmi combines the consolidated traditional crafts of four generations of quarriers,

stonemasons and master craftsmen with cutting edge technologies for processing marble and granite, producing particularly in the fields of art, architecture and design. We are distinguished by our ability to understand our customers′ real needs and transform them into reality, and for exporting the Made in Italy label throughout the world.

Professionalism, competence and reliability

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali
Planning assistance

Marble, granite and stone are in our DNA. We know their colours, composition and different yields in use. We offer architects and designers who work with us special, prompt technical support at the planning stage, and can also advise them in their choice of material.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali
Customer Assistence

Our engineering office is at customers’ disposal for on-site surveys and tests with state-of–the-art instruments, as well as drawings and 3D renderings that can simulate as closely as possible the actual project to be realised after careful checking.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali

Residential and contract furniture, ship fittings (cruise ships and private yachts), urban furniture and buildings. We carry out a great many processes: turning and shaping of columns, parapets, curved cladding of pillar elements and walls, staircases, walls and architectural elements, including fountains, spheres, inlaid flooring, washbasins, bathrooms, kitchens, bar and buffet counters to drawings.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali
Packing and transport

Packing is fundamental to guarantee that the products remain intact during transport.

We personally load the goods into containers and deal with the dispatch logistics.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali

One of the distinguishing features of Lavagnoli Marmi is perfect organisation of the site. Our teams of layers and fitters work in Europe and throughout the world, optimising space and work schedules. On demand, we can provide supervisors to coordinate labour engaged locally by the principal, placing our know-how at their disposal.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali
Yachts and cruise ships

Years of experience in the shipbuilding sector allow us to produce turnkey renovation and refitting projects, also using lighter materials, that feature the sartorial skills for which we are distinguished.


Sectors served

Interior design for the residential sector

An ancient, valuable material, marble has been used for centuries in mansions and private dwellings. We create bespoke products, dealing with dimensional adaptation, seeking customised finishes and completing the entire project in constant communication with the principal’s designers.

Interior design for the contract sector

The experience we have acquired in the contract sector makes us exceptionally versatile and capable of dealing with many different types of projects (hotels, restaurants, shops). We are able to interpret different situations and find definite solutions to special needs.

Our Company

People are important

Our team is a proud and joy of Lavagnoli marmi. Professionalism and cooperation can create the right synergy to obtain a product of exceptional workmanship.

News e Events

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Marmo+mac 2019

“Stone Tornado” by Studio Marco Piva

“Stone Tornado”, the installation created by Studio Marco Piva, drew a large number of architects to our stand. @studiomarcopiva

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali

Gianna Comuzzi with Marco Piva

Stand Lavagnoli

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali

Our four days at the fair in Verona were a whirlwind of meetings, contacts, surprises and requests.

Lavagnoli marmi lavorazione pietre naturali

Leonardo Lavagnoli with Andrea Lupi

“Ossimoro” by Calvi Brambilla for Antonio Lupi

“Ossimoro’ proved an irresistible attraction for designers: we can create products that fell handmade using the rules of industry. @calvibrambilla

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