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Politecnico di Milano

During Marmomacc 2011 Massimiliano Caviasca was called by the Politecnico di Milano to consider the meaning of building with stone by experimenting with the use of stone materials that are considered, in normal trading activities, waste elements, with the aim to redevelop their value through design action. Remains of production, powders and shapeless blocks become noble architectural elements and founding elements of the architectural project. It is no longer only the surface and its chromatism that have value, but the mass that can withstand unexpected efforts, giving great expressive strength and structural capacity. The three stone-arched windows become the real load-bearing element of the two facades that are built with the sense of a vestment, a heavy self-supporting cladding. A base of stone blocks is surmounted by 2 facades with classical and Renaissance references that rest on a modern ashlar. An enclosure of blocks defines the insurmountable limit between exterior and interior, a monolith marks its preferential observation point.