Lavagnoli processi produttivi
Lavagnoli produzione
Lavagnoli processi

Some moments of the production activity

Between tradition and technology


We work with natural stones from Italy and abroad, as well as technical materials. We combine traditional skills and solutions with state-of-the-art technologies that permit highly particular processes using CNC equipment linked directly to our technical office. Given that a love for challenges is part of our DNA, no matter what the request, we are confident we can find the right solution by calibrating cutting, turning, milling, polishing and offering various finishes, or developing a small ingenious solution, invented for the occasion.

Lavagnoli sagomatura

Three-dimensional squaring and shaping of oversized blocks

Lavagnoli tagli lastre

Slab cutting, production of paving and stairs

Lavagnoli prussiani

Oblique, circular, elliptical and angled cuts, two-and three-dimensional rectilinear, concave, convex, arched, elliptical milling of stone blocks

Lavagnoli tornitura colonne

Shaping, cutting and turning of columns, balustrades, curved coatings of any size

Lavagnoli waterjet

Water jet for high precision cuts, incisions and inlays

Lavagnoli storia

A wide variety of finishes including sanding, polishing, bush-hammering, sandblasting, brushing, rolling, flaming, splitting and surface treatment

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