Advanced technologies and craftsmanship in the name of beauty

The transformation of natural stones is the core activity of Lavagnoli: cutting, turning, milling, polishing and various further finishing operations are all performed by means of CNC machines controlled by an integrated electronic device and managed in constant communication with the technical office. Besides technologically advanced manufacturing processes, Lavagnoli has always relied on the craftsmanship skills and long-standing experience of a highly specialised team.
Ossimoro by Antonio Lupi

The sculptural element comes to life to embody creativity and imagination

This results in the realisation of imposing walls that can be personalised in terms of shapes and decor, architectural and furnishing elements, inlaid floors, as well as unprecedented motifs for floor and wall coverings having a stunning visual impact.

The sculptural element comes to life to support creativity and imagination in any design endeavour, from major projects for the hospitality sector to design and furnishing projects for living rooms, bathrooms, wellness centres.

Residential, Naval, Corporate, Hospitality