Lavagnoli lavorazioni
Lavagnoli lavorazioni

Dry preinstallation in our production site

Services for working natural stones and other materials

We have been working with natural stone for decades. Our skills are not limited to manual, traditional and modern technological techniques. We also offer consultancy and design services, installation including site management around the globe or the supervision of local trades. We manage single phases or entire processes, with an often creative approach and problem-solving attitude supported by years of experience. Our ability to plan and deliver on time facilitates relations with architects and designers. We create their ideas, finished in marble or granite or agglomerates, quartz-resin, ceramics and complementary materials. To offer turn-key flooring and cladding services, we can also manage mosaic tilework, glazing, steel and wood carpentry, prefinished materials, tiling, agglomerates, quartz-resin, ceramics and porcelain stoneware, carpeting and fabrics, wood plank flooring, linoleum and CorianĀ®.

Lavagnoli servizi integrati

Design consultancy services

Our design consultancy services for final clients or architects and interior designers lay the foundations for precise projects that guarantee impeccable aesthetic results, durability over time and functionality. Services include assistance in selecting the right stones, samples and different finishes. Selection is based on colour, physical and mechanical characteristics, intended use, climate and the specific conditions of the final site of installation..

Lavagnoli servizi integrati

Executive planning

Our technical department offers specialised support to designers and final clients. Beginning with concept sketches, we develop all of the details for each stone element, including combinations with other complementary materials. We develop renderings and can also calculate and provide mechanical anchors and propose the most suitable method of installation, completing surveys and site verifications when necessary.

Lavagnoli imballaggio e trasporto

Packaging and shipping

Packing is similar to a ritual: it is the guarantee of success. Our lengthy history has offered us countless chances to refine our skills in preparing the safest packing for each single piece and every shipping method, respecting the laws of the countries we ship to. All of our shipments can be tracked at any moment, anywhere in the world.

Lavagnoli storia


We are equally at home as fabricators or installers, anywhere in the world, preceded, when necessary, by a dry preinstallation in our facilities. On job sites with a general contractor we manage decorations, paving, cladding and finishes in natural stones, tiles, CorianĀ®, carpet, linoleum or wood, or supervise local trades under the guidance of one of our professionals. In all cases, we guarantee ontime delivery, respect for health & safety regulations, coordination with other trades, final inspections and quality control.

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