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Lavagnoli Marmi has been working with natural stone for 150 years. Its passion for marble processing, initially performed by hand by expert chisel workers, was born in the quarries surrounding the city of Verona. In the 1980s, the company headquarters moved to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where, with the advent of the fourth generation represented by Leonardo Lavagnoli, all production systems were modernised.
Alessandro Lavagnoli
Alessandro and Leonardo Lavagnoli
I started learning the job from my grandfather, stealing it with my eyes. Then the spring was released.
I started under a porch, but the passion was growing, it pushed me out of the region to take space.
My real start
- Alessandro Lavagnoli

We love challenging projects

The company debuted on the international market with a long-standing experience combined with a forward looking vision and a unique capacity to undertake brilliant experiments and develop major projects anywhere in the world, becoming a veritable ambassador of Made-in-Italy excellence in the world.
Gianna Comuzzi (Managing Director) and Leonardo Lavagnoli (CEO)

An envolving story